Beers we have on TAP:
· Tooheys New
· VB
· XXXX Gold
· Carton Dry
· Hahn Super Dry
· Tooheys Extra Dry
· Great Northern
· Carton Draught
· James Squire 150 Lashes
· Tooheys Old
· 5 Seeds Crisp
Full TAB facilities including flexicast form guides plus 2 self-serve E-Bet machines. Keno and Keno roulette including Keno Touch self-serve unit.

Joining our Membership is FREE and easy. Fill out a form at the Bar and we will get a card out to you within 10 days.
Great benefits like;
· Points awarded for purchases in the Hotel, that can be spent in the Hotel
· Member Draw Promotions
· Members Promotions

Free Wifi
We have free Broadband Wifi available throughout the Hotel.
Don’t miss out on that Email!
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